Digital Biomarker Development

Develop digital biomarkers for smarter predictive medicine

We advocate for digital biomarker development that is transparent, explainable, and trusted by physicians.


Develop biomarkers to make healthcare
smarter and safer.

Create transparency

Our model involves building an initial version using clinical literature and previous trial data and adapting to known drug and patient cohort risks. Biomarker inputs can include demographics, treatment cycle and dosing, symptoms, and physiological and behavioral changes.



Build better clinical trials

As your trial progresses, data collection from your participants will further inform alert algorithms, enabling increasingly accurate and sensitive detection of complications such as CRS, and driving increasing clinical utility.


Go to market safely

With an incremental strategy from risk estimation to diagnosis, we’ll help you ensure the highest possible accuracy and trustworthiness. The Current Health platform and existing network of partners facilitate safe drug deployment alongside industry-leading remote care.


Biomarker development needs a partnership approach


Project Kickoff

We’ll support you during planning and implementation to define the biomarker and study protocol, build engagement, and complete training in our platform.


Data Collection

Deploy patient recruitment and enrollment tactics and begin collecting data within your study. We’ll help ensure the data you’re receiving meets requirements for developing the biomarker.


Biomarker Development

Our data science team will collaborate with your stakeholders to develop and validate the biomarker using probabilistic models. Our product team will integrate the biomarker into the Current Health platform.


Regulatory Approval and Go-to-Market

After obtaining necessary regulatory approval for software-as-a-medical-device, we’ll help you deploy the biomarker to our participating healthcare providers.