Care Team Resources

Resources for Care Teams

Helping you get the most out of your organizations’ care-at-home platform.


Logging In

Our Clinical Dashboard provides a window into patient health at home.  It enables care teams to communicate with patients and each other for seamless care delivery and coordination.

Note: If you have forgotten your password or need help logging in, please contact your Current Health account manager.


Getting Help

With dedicated technical support and customer success teams, we’re always here to support you and your patients with our product. There are multiple ways to get help.

Live Chat

Drop us a question within the chat function accessible within the Clinical Dashboard. Our response time is less than 5 minutes.


Help Center

Discover our new product releases and access helpful how-to’s. Log in with the same login you use to access the Clinical Dashboard.

Trying to Troubleshoot an Issue?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please reach out to our support team.

You can access the Clinical Dashboard by visiting and logging in with the credentials provided by your organization.

If you’re still having trouble accessing the Clinical Dashboard, please contact Current Health.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can visit and click “Don’t remember your password?” underneath the login section.

To learn more about changing a password, visit Password Management.

Upon logging into the Clinical Dashboard, you will be brought to the patient overview. From here, select specific patient profiles to view detailed vital signs.

If you’re having trouble viewing a patient’s vital signs, please contact Current Health.

Video calls can be scheduled in advance or initiated on-demand from within the Clinical Dashboard.

To make a video call on-demand: Select the patient you’d like to call from the patient overview. Once you are viewing the specific patient’s profile, you can initiate a call by selecting the “Call” icon (looks like a camera) found at the top of the patient’s profile.

Calls can also be initiated directly from each triggered alarm. Click on the alarm, then select the “Call” icon to initiate the call.

To schedule a video call: Click the “Calendar” tab on the left-hand side of the Clinical Dashboard. Click the “Schedule Call” button found on the left side of the screen, then select the patient and the time and day of the call. The video call will be added to the patient’s task list.

If you’re having trouble making a video call, please contact Current Health.

When the three blue lights on the front of the Home Hub stay a solid, sustained blue, then everything is working correctly.

If five minutes have passed and the three solid blue lights are not showing on the Home Hub it might be necessary to perform troubleshooting. Please contact Current Health if problems persist.


Learning from your Peers

Discover how other organizations are leveraging Current Health to deliver exceptional care at home.

Expanding Home-Based Care to More Patient Populations

We are committed to collaborating with our partners to achieve one common goal: to deliver, earlier, preventative healthcare at home.

Our work spans across clinical areas and acuity levels, helping organizations safely manage all patient populations outside of their bricks and mortar facilities