Current Health and Epic

End-to-end care-at-home solution built for Epic

Integrated solution to help you launch and scale home-based care

Streamline the implementation of home-based clinical workflows, communication, and data exchange


Turnkey integration

Leverage Epic’s Tesseract API Gateway to significantly reduce the time and resources required to deploy an integrated care-at-home program with the EHR.


Embedded experience

Access Current Health directly within Epic to simplify workflows and drive greater efficiency with patient enrollment, communication, and billing.


Built-in best practices

Easily implement best practices such as patient identification and clinical pathway design by using custom-built Turbocharger packages and technical guides that provide standardized implementation templates.

Custom-built modules for care at home

Support every step of a care-at-home program leveraging best practices from our work with leading organizations across the country.

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    Clinician Engagement

    Access our solution through an embedded iFrame experience powered by SMART on FHIR and SSO with integrated workflows for order management and patient health data displayed in Epic’s Flowsheets.

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    Program Admin

    Gain insight into program performance and population health through patient and program-level reporting and analytics delivered directly to Epic or a research database.

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    Automate CPT Billing Code reporting capabilities from initial enrollment through care management. Create workflows that flag when certain thresholds for billing have been met and notifies your billing team. Supporting CPT Codes: 99453 and 99454.

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    Patient Engagement

    Keep your brand front and center with a fully white-labeled patient experience integrated into Epic’s patient applications, including MyChart and Care Companion applications.

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    Patient Identification

    Grow your program with enrollment strategies designed using Best Practice Advisories (BPAs) and co-marketing campaigns to identify the right patients for care at home.

Trusted by top healthcare organizations


“EHR interoperability is at the core of our strategic goals for expanding our care-at-home program. Current Health’s latest integration and technical capabilities allow us to look confidently at the future of our program. Having a seamless integration with Epic is vital to any third-party application and is critical to the team providing the best care for our patients.”

Evan Harmon, RPM Manager at Baptist Health