Careers at Current

Solve hard, challenging technical problems. Build a product that can save a life. Build a product that can change families. Join us and do the best work of your career.

We're building a better healthcare model

We instrument the human body. Using that data, we're developing models that can predict the onset of illness and disease. By putting that information in the hands of healthcare professionals earlier, we can change how healthcare is delivered.

No longer will we wait until someone becomes acutely unwell. We'll treat them before they even show symptoms.

We're a tech startup trying to solve one of mankind's greatest challenges - preventable death.

Internally, we're open and transparent. We believe when faced with a difficult choice, honesty is always best. We're not afraid to take the road less travelled. We encourage collaboration and critical debate.

We don't care about your qualifications. We don't care about your background. We care about your capabilities. We care about your potential. Your desire to make change. Your self-awareness. Your drive to work hard to learn the things you don't know.

We're headquartered in Edinburgh and spread throughout the world

Edinburgh is one of the most romantic cities of the world. It combines an incredible diversity of knowledge and culture with architectural beauty and optimism for the future. We hire all over the globe. We look for the best people, no matter where they are.

We can't offer you the highest salary. We can't offer you the fanciest office. But we can offer you something unique.

Stock options

All of our team receive stock options. These give you the option to buy shares in Current at a later date, at a reduced price and with reduced tax liability.

Competitive salary

We can't promise you the best salary. But we can promise you a reasonable, competitive salary.

Hard, real-world problems

We're at a mutable stage, where you have the chance to shape and mould every aspect of our company, product and tech stack.

Remote-friendly culture

Our team is distributed across the world. We're interested in what you can achieve, not where you live.


With a 3% employer contribution.

Maternity & paternity leave

Well-paid maternity and paternity leave.

Total transparency

Weekly all-hands, which are also recorded. Every metric is shared. Everything is open.


Company-wide socials every week, including bowling, board games nights and dinners, and there is never pressure to attend.


You can choose your own kit. Let us know what you need to do what you do best.

Catered Lunch

Fully catered lunch once a week. And you'll never be more than 10 feet from top quality coffee, tea, biscuits and fresh fruit.

Knowledge Sharing

Weekly show and tells on a wide variety of topics.

Where you work doesn't matter

Your workspace is yours to choose. We care about what you can do, much more than where you are.

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Current Openings

Graduate Software Engineer

Build out our back-end platform and new features on our product roadmap.

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Customer Success Manager

Ensure our customers are receiving an amazing experience.

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Electronics/Embedded Engineer

Design and build microelectronics that saves lives in multiple environments and conditions.

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Account Executive/US

Work directly with healthcare organizations to identify areas where Current can help and add value.

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Data Scientist

Build models to reliably and accurately predict patient deterioration and recommend interventions.

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Front End Engineer

Craft and deliver beautiful product experiences for our user group of busy doctors and nurses.

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Software Engineer

Build out our back-end platform and new features on our product roadmap.

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Data Engineer

Build out a real-time, streaming platform that brings together sensor data, machine learning models and complex visualizations.

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