Reduce hospitalizations and unplanned healthcare events through long-term condition monitoring at home.

Schedule earlier clinic or home health visits to manage a patient proactively and prevent emergency hospitalizations.

Monitor a patients response to therapy or rehabilitation and make earlier, proactive changes based on objective data.

Increase the number of patients a case manager or home healthcare team can handle, by freeing them from collection of health data.

Review patient health in real-time or during office hours

Physicians, home healthcare and case managers can make earlier, proactive decisions to reduce unscheduled healthcare utilization events.

  • Deliver healthcare proactively, supported by objective data
  • Establish richer patient baselines to support decision-making
  • Monitor long term health trends and data at the appropriate time for you
  • Review data on the go, through our mobile application, or from your internet browser
  • Provide home health, telehealth and case managers with objective, high fidelity health data

Alerts bring earlier attention to at-risk patients

Reduce unscheduled care costs, readmissions and ER visits through earlier, scheduled interventions such as a clinic visit.

  • Customizable alerts on a per-patient basis, based on rules that take into account baseline and trends
  • Trigger alerts on chronic health changes, such as weight and blood pressure increases
  • Alerts can be reviewed during office hours or can trigger a notification for real-time action
  • Optionally, send alerts directly to the patient allowing self-management

Monitor long term response to therapies and rehabilitation

Real-time objective health data to assess response to pharmacotherapies, physical rehabilitation and other therapies.

  • Objectively monitor patient physiologic and health response
  • Monitor high fidelity motion data to track response to rehabilitation
  • Make earlier, appropriate treatment change to ensure optimal outcomes
  • Monitor adherence and compliance to therapies based on response

Zero manual entry. Wireless, passive collection

Phoning in or manually entering results is a thing of the past. We collect data invisibly.

  • Improve adherence and compliance by freeing the patient from manual input
  • Other indicators, such as weight and glucose can be captured seamlessly through wireless integration with a range of other devices
  • Patient's tell us they forget they are wearing our device within 15 minutes

Increase the number of patients case managers and home health can manage.

Hospital at home, home healthcare and case managers are freed from contacting or visiting patients simply to collect health data.

  • Case managers have access to objective, real-time data to support proactive decision-making
  • Health plans and providers can manage costs in the face of increasing numbers of complex patients
  • Home healthcare and hospital at home teams can prioritize or reduce visits

No internet required in patient's home

Our Homehub allows plug and play installation at home, increasing patient adherence. It transmits data over the cellular network to our platform.

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