iOS, Android & Web Monitoring Interface

Review in real-time or during office hours. Identify at-risk patients quickly and intervene earlier.

One dashboard. All patients.

Easily identify at-risk patients on a single dashboard

Patients are grouped into high, medium and low risk based on physician-set risk rules.

Quickly monitor spot vital signs

Our dashboard view allows you to quickly and easily monitor patient vital signs, on the one screen.

Augment with custom score calculation

Physician-set custom scores, like MEWS, can augment vital sign calculation and provide another metric on patient risk.

Establish better patient baselines

Monitor patient vital sign trends

One-off vital signs are significantly influenced by environment. Use Current to monitor trends and changes over time in health.

Build deeper understanding of a patient's health over time

Monitor how a patients health changes over time. Detect events like nocturnal hypoxia and changes in weight between dialysis sessions.

Monitor responses to treatment

Monitor whether a patient's health has changed, positively or negatively, after pharmacotherapy or other treatment.

Maximize information sharing in the healthcare team

Quickly determine events for a patient via the Timeline

All previous alarms, as well as team interaction with those alarms, are displayed on the patient's timeline.

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Add notes to share context with the rest of the team

By adding notes, healthcare staff can quickly and easily share information between shifts and the rest of the healthcare team.

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