Patient Stories

Testimonials from two Hospital-at-Home patients

Hospital at Home programs offer valuable potential to expand inpatient capacity, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. But what does that experience feel like for patients?


Patient Testimonial

Joy Goethert

When a severe UTI landed Joy Goehert in the emergency department, she and her husband were scared.

Watch Joy recall how the security of the Current Health monitoring helped her safely recover at home.

Outcomes from the Hospital at Home program at UMass Memorial

5 %
30-day readmissions rate
0 %
Incidents of hospital acquired infection
9 %
Escalation rate to brick & mortar

Patient testimonial

Thad Stappenbeck

Meet Thad and Mary. When Thad developed complications due to COVID-19, he was nervous about being one of the first patients in the Hospital at Home program at UMass Memorial Health. But he was even more concerned about having to stay in the hospital and away from his wife, Mary.

“This is AMAZING, the fact that I can be home, self quarantine, and feel safe as my vitals are monitored…It allows me to be in the comfort of my home and family; and my dogs. And that’s what really helps with recovery.”



We’re able to get the whole picture of how patients are living and the complex factors affecting their health.

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Candra Szymanski
Interim AVP, Hospital at Home
UMass Memorial Health

We have valued Current Health’s expertise and input into our program.

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Daniele Serdoz
One Croydon Program Lead
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Being able to quickly deploy Current Health at the onset of the pandemic was paramount to patient and staff safety.

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Dr. Brett Oliver
Baptist Health

Everything can be tailored to a specific clinical use case, allowing for an enterprise solution to remote care.

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Dr. Cardinale Smith
Chief Quality Officer, Oncology,
Mount Sinai