Remote Patient Monitoring

Reducing avoidable ER visits and readmissions is a crucial goal for healthcare providers. With Current, identify deteriorating patients earlier and schedule an intervention, such as a clinic or home visit.

Support for both short-term, post-discharge transitional care and long-term chronic care management.

All logistics managed. We deliver straight to the patient. No complex setup. When finished, we collect again.

Identify at-risk patients earlier. Reduce readmissions and financial penalties and improve quality metrics.


Monday, 12pm

The patient, an 86 year old female, is discharged home after an admission with an acute exacerbation of COPD. They leave with a change in medication and Current. They will also be suppported by a home health service for 14 days post-discharge.

Tuesday, 2am

The patient experiences a drop in oxygen saturation and increase in respiration rate. This is detected by Current and an alert is generated.

Tuesday, 12pm

The patient's physician is scheduled to make a review call 24 hours after discharge. They first check Current and identify that the patient has been deteriorating. They proactively schedule a clinic appointment.

Wednesday, 2:30pm

The patient attends the clinic appointment where the physician adjusts their medication and offers further health education and reassurance.

Friday, 3pm

The patient shows strong signs of recovery through Current and no further changes in treatment are required.

Proven, ICU-level accuracy

Worn on the upper arm, we non-invasively capture vital signs every 2 seconds.

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Respiration rate
  • Pulse rate
  • Temperature
  • Motion & activity
  • Posture

Blood pressure and weight captured through a seamless, wireless integration.

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Build deeper understanding of patient health

Monitor trends in health over time or check in on a patient's health in real-time. Make earlier, proactive decisions to schedule a clinic appointment or other intervention in order to prevent an ED visit or emergency hospitalization.

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Identify unwell patients proactively to make earlier decisions

Reduce unscheduled care costs, readmissions and ER visits through earlier intervention. Powerful rule-based alerting engine generates alerts based on patients baseline and co-morbidities, reducing alarm fatigue. Receive alerts in real-time or review during office hours.

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Prioritize and improve productivity of home visits

Use real-time objective data to determine who requires a home visit first. Free staff from making home visits just to collect vital signs. Help patients feel more secure, knowing they have a constant connection to the healthcare team.

Seamless peripheral device integration

Having patients phone in results or maintain diaries reduces adherence. With Current, data that is not yet collected by our wearable device, such as weight, is instead automatically transmitted straight into our platform from peripheral devices. The patient stands on the scales, the weight appears on our interface. Simple.

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Monitor patient response to therapies and rehabilitation

Use patient trend data to monitor response to treatments and rehab. Monitor changes in activity level over time, or improvements in blood pressure. Monitor changes in weight between dialysis sessions. Leave a note on the timeline when a drug is given and monitor physiology in the hours afterwards.

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