Together, we're creating better healthcare

There are few other places where you can both solve hard problems and build tech that saves a life.

Our story

Some problems are too important to leave to someone else. We started this company because this is one of those problems. By the time you've finished reading this, another person has died because of a preventable medical event. We've both experienced this first-hand.

We started Current in 2015. We had no hardware experience. No medical device experience. We were two software engineers with a good idea and little idea how to solve it. Many told us we could never do it.

To date, we've raised over $10 million and we count some of the world's top medical centers as users. We've assembled a team of some of the most passionate and intelligent people in the world who work tirelessly day after day to solve problems most think are too hard.

Every so often, a small team of committed individuals changes the world. We think this is one of those times. We see a world where every human life is held sacred. We see a world where technology helps healthcare to treat the sick, before they become sick. We see a world where healthcare comes to you, before you even know you need it. That's what we're building at Current.

Christopher & Stewart

Real people, solving real problems

We are united by a shared desire to use our skills for the betterment of mankind

Julie Anderson

Operations Manager

Dani Armstrong

Product Design Engineer

Rachel Bowman

Provider Relations Manager

Hugh Carter

Electronics Engineer

Glen Colopy

Data Scientist

Justine Courty

Data Scientist

John Cramb

Manufacturing Manager

Jim Croft

Senior DevOps Engineer

Martin Cusack

Embedded Systems Engineer

Chris Francis

Frontend Engineer

Tom Halfpenny

Director of Software Engineering

Annabel Kramer

Data Scientist

Amy Langridge

Financial Controller

Christopher McCann

CEO & Co-Founder

Paris Morali

Senior Software Engineer

Sam Moreland

Biomedical Engineer

Xavier Oliver-Duocastella

Senior Software Engineer

Ben Olivier

Firmware Engineer

Pam Penn

Account Executive

Kieran Porter

Software Engineer

Hanna Sanford

Software Engineer

Morgan Smith

Director of Hardware Engineering

Stewart Whiting

CTO & Co-Founder

Stuart Wilson

Director of Design

Join Our Team. Save a Life.

Our team is globally distributed. While we're headquartered Edinburgh, one of the most magical, romantic and historic cities in the world, your workspace is yours to choose.

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