Commercial deployment

Deploy high acuity drug treatments in outpatient settings

Our care-at-home platform provides a real-time view of patient vital signs, enabling treatment delivery across a range of cost-effective care settings.


Improve the patient experience and
reduce reliance on inpatient stays


care experience

Improve patient experiences by providing high acuity treatment plans in the comfort of the patient’s home or at easily accessible outpatient settings.


treatment delivery

Adopting outpatient care solutions can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with expensive hospital-based treatments, making your therapy more accessible for providers.


More accessible

Delivering treatment via outpatient care alleviates the reliance on hospital bed capacity, helping to improve the flow of patients that are enrolled on new drug treatment plans.

Reduce burdens to drug delivery with
predictive biomarker development

In collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners, we develop cutting-edge biomarkers which optimise care and facilitate the safe deployment of new drug therapies. Our ability to capture real-time and continuous vitals data, coupled with our highly skilled internal teams, enables us to create personalised biomarkers for each of our partners.

Leveraging custom biomarkers improves outpatient care by proactively identifying potential patient issues, allowing timely interventions as needed. Custom biomarkers help with the smooth deployment of new drug treatments, providing a differentiated and highly attractive delivery program.

With an incremental strategy from risk estimation to diagnosis, we’ll help you ensure the highest possible accuracy and trustworthiness. The Current Health platform and existing network of provider partners facilitate safe drug deployment alongside industry-leading remote care.


Maximise the benefits of
remote patient monitoring

Benefit from real-time tracking of patient vital sign data, enabling early detection of potential adverse events. Healthcare providers can intervene promptly, reducing the risk of serious complications and helping to ensure patient safety.

Outpatient treatment plans and remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections whilst lowering the burden on healthcare facilities.

Collect real-world data regarding drug utilization and patient experiences, enhancing ongoing safety protocols and enriching clinical trial findings with additional insight.


Partner with Current Health
for all your care-at-home requirements

Capture vital sign data with our range of RPM devices

Our ecosystem of FDA approved RPM devices capture a range of vital sign data for both continuous and intermittent monitoring.


A unified window into patient health at home

The Current Health clinical dashboard notifies care teams when a patient needs attention, helping to manage large populations at home through prioritisation and treatment optimisation.


Services to support clinicians and
deliver rapid implementation

Consult with experts with proven success in designing and scaling virtual care-at-home programmes.

Optimise patient care with our 24/7/365 experienced virtual care team who provide patient monitoring, triage, and clinical escalation in line with agreed protocols.

Utilise our clinical research team to provide deep insights into programme efficiency, outcomes, and financial impact.