Clinical Dashboard

A unified window into patient health at home

Our clinical dashboard is designed to help care teams manage all patients with evidence-based alerts to help identify risks and improve care delivery at home.


Identify risk, prioritise patient care, and improve care delivery from a single dashboard

Our purpose-built clinical dashboard lets your team view, monitor,
and manage all patients at home.

Rely on a unified view of patient data, stratified by risk

Manage all care-at-home populations in a single dashboard, with consolidated data from multiple sources.

Empower care teams to identify risk earlier and enable proactive intervention when patients are prioritised by acuity, risk, or alarms.



Streamline collaboration and care team alignment

Centralise care team coordination through built-in messaging, integrated video visits, and communication tools.

Leverage EPR modules designed to work alongside your existing workflows, from patient identification and enrolment to discharge and follow-up.


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A holistic view of patient health

Care teams get the complete picture of a patient’s health with insights into changes in their condition through RPM data, symptom surveys, daily check-ins, and assessments of the patient’s condition.

Access individual patient pathways and information from a single solution
Configure alarms to notify care teams of changes in vital sign data
Visual indicator of missing data
Update your dashboard to view vitals in intervals based on the patient’s risk and condition
Non-continuous data from device partners
Understand patient-reported symptoms and self-reported data alongside vital side data for a holistic view of the patient
Set reminders to nudge patients to stay on track with their care plan
Adjust care plans after missed activities to ensure safety and improve adherence
Insights into when video visits, check-ins, and virtual assessments are completed

Keep patients safe and support excellent provider experiences with intelligent alarms

Our patient alarms are designed with evidence-based clinical algorithms and escalation protocols, allowing our solution to reduce alarm burden and improve actionability.

Configure alarms based on a single monitoring parameter or multiple, supporting accurate and early detection of deterioration.

Adjust alarm parameters for populations or individuals, reducing notification fatigue for patients who have atypical baseline readings.


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Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“The parameters and safety flags within the system support early detection of a deteriorating patient, that can be linked to your escalation process, providing clinical confidence for clinicians referring patients into the service.”

Alison Chadwick
Clinical Quality Lead Community Division