Accurate. Wearable. Wireless. Proven.

Remotely manage health through a single, wireless wearable

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Accurate. Wearable. Wireless. Proven.

Remotely manage health through a single, wireless wearable

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Passively monitor 24/7 patient health trends

Monitor continuous vital signs, including respiration rate and oxygen saturation, from a single device.

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Identify at-risk patients earlier & intervene

Automated alerts. Review in real-time or during office hours.

Real-time and asynchronous access to patient data on a single mobile or web interface.

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Patient-specific alerts and custom disease workflows. Earlier, controlled intervention.

Powerful, rule-based engine reduces alert fatigue by taking account of patient baseline, co-morbidities and changes in health over time.

Monitor vital signs and health trends on one interface.

One dashboard. One fast view of patient health. Identify high-risk patients earlier and then view in-depth health trends.

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Simple to deploy and manage

No home phone line or internet required

Our plug-and-go Homehub requires nothing more than a power outlet. It provides WiFi in the home and transmits encrypted data over cellular.

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End-to-end logistics managed

At home, we deliver straight to the patient and collect again when monitoring is complete. No complex set up. We provide 24/7 support direct to the healthcare professional, with 15 minute response times.

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HIPAA Compliant & Enterprise Ready

We're fully HIPAA compliant. In hospital, we support both WPA2-Enterprise and WPA2-PSK. We are fully cloud-based. Implementation is fast and easy.

The future of remote patient monitoring is here

We put the patient and the healthcare professional first, always. An unparalleled user experience. 24/7 support, with 15 minute response times. We're here to make your life better.

Reduce cost of healthcare delivery

Identifying unwell patients earlier can reduce readmissions, length of stay, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare delivery.

Multiple clinical use cases

Heart failure, COPD, sepsis, obstructive sleep apnoea - change the clinical course across multiple pathologies.

Improve patient outcomes

Intervene earlier, before a patient becomes acutely unwell. Reduce mortality and long-term morbidity.

Improve patient experience and access

98%+ patient adherence. Patients feel more secure knowing they are connected to the healthcare team.

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