Decentralised Clinical Trials

Collect real-time health
insights in your clinical trial

Monitor, manage, and communicate with study participants at home.


Make home the center of your clinical trial
with Best Buy Health

As part of Best Buy Health, we have the technology, services, and expertise to help drive trial success.

  • activity Safety monitoring at home
  • alert-triangle Adverse event detection
  • search Exploratory endpoint analysis
  • settings Digital biomarker development
  • users Support services for technology, monitoring, and logistics

Support for global phase I-IV trials
across all therapeutic areas

Monitor for safety, prove efficacy, and improve accessibility for your clinical trial.

Safety monitoring and biomarker development.

Prove efficacy of outpatient delivery of therapies in the home.

Enable outpatient delivery of therapies in the home.

  • Reduce hospital costs, increase revenue
  • Improve patient experience
  • Increase access and convenience to consumers

Deliver a safe, engaging,
and patient-centric experience

With leading technology, wraparound services, and a network of health system partners, we can help you keep patients safe and enrolled in your trial.

  • FDA-cleared, CE-marked continuous passive monitoring device tracks five vital signs
  • Integrated, regulatory-cleared biosensors
  • Intelligent alarms detect complications early
  • 24/7/365 Clinical Command Center supports site teams

  • Custom patient-reported outcome (PRO) prompts
  • Rich, high fidelity data sets
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Predictive biomarker development
  • Integration with EDC or EHR

  • Patient-friendly product design with 5-minute setup
  • Custom patient journeys, reminders, and education
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Fully integrated virtual video visits and asynchronous messaging

Our model involves building an initial version using clinical literature and previous trial data, adapting to known drug and patient cohort risks.

Biomarker inputs can include:

  • Demographics
  • Treatment cycle and dosing
  • Symptoms
  • Physiological and behavioral changes

  • Support for implementing with site teams
  • 20,000+ patients supported across 5 continents
  • Platform translated into 30+ languages
  • Existing network of health system partners

Safety monitoring designed for accessibility

Our consumer-friendly technology can help lower your trial’s barriers to participation.

5 mins

to set up our kit

97 %

patient adherence

20 k+

patients managed

30 +

languages available


CAR-T therapy

Explore our research with Mount Sinai Health System which evaluates the feasibility of reducing hospital stays for patients undergoing CAR-T therapy through the use of safety monitoring in the home.

Reach patients where they are with our
enterprise care-at-home platform

Our platform is configurable across clinical use cases, enabling custom patient journeys for your trial protocols.


FDA-Cleared continuous monitoring platform

Identify adverse events earlier with our ICU-level continuous monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, movement, and axillary temperature. Get intelligent alarms based on multiple data points and customise monitoring for each trial.


Patient engagement tools

Our end-to-end platform makes it easy for clinicians to conduct virtual visits and coordinate in-home care. Collect ePro data with scheduled symptom assessments and asynchronous messaging, reducing hospital admissions and keeping patients safely at home.


Support services

Support your trial with wraparound experience services. Our 24/7 virtual nurses, technology support, and logistics teams are all fully in-house and can be deployed as part of your trial to ensure excellent experiences for patients, providers, and caregivers.

A patient’s journey in a clinical trial

Clinical Trials Day One

Monday 9:00am

Enroll a new participant

The CRO enrols Beverley, a new patient into a clinical trial for a new oncology drug.

Clinical Trials Day One

Monday 10:00am

They are sent a Current Health kit configured to their clinical condition, including the continuous monitoring wearable and a tablet equipped with cellular connectivity.

Clinical Trials Day Two

Tuesday 11:00am

Current Health monitors the participant through the wearable device and any wirelessly integrated peripheral devices. The data is automatically transmitted straight to the CRO’s EDC vendor and the participant’s care team.

Clinical Trials Day Three

Thursday 3:00pm

Analyse participant data

The research team can correlate adverse events with physiological data to better determine causation, as well as identify sub-groups who might derive even more significant benefit from their new drug.