Virtual Monitoring Hub

Extend your clinical team’s capacity

Scale your patient census and efficiently manage your clinical resources with the help of our Virtual Monitoring Hub.


Centralise monitoring to
support a range of clinical use cases

Monitor trends in patient health across diverse patient
populations of all acuity levels and differing clinical pathways.

We act as an extension of your clinical team

Utilise our Virtual Monitoring Hub as much or as little as you need — on weekends, overnight, or as a supplementary 24/7/365 service.


Escalate to local care team or EMS

Where required, our team will escalate to local care teams or emergency medical services.


Conduct virtual patient triage

Video and/or phone calls with patients to identify clinical or technical issues.


Coordinate local clinical team resource

Coordinate of in-home clinical care in line with local policies and procedures.

Support you can trust

Our Virtual Monitoring
Hub team

We’re here to enable your team to continue delivering expert clinical care to the patients who need it.

We’ve built a multilingual team of registered nurses and technical associates who are driven to support your team and provide the best possible patient care, helping you to effectively manage your clinical resources and scale your care-at-home programme.

Our in-house team are experienced in the acute care of patients outside the hospital and are experts on the Current Health platform.

Meet one of our nurses

“The rapport we have built with our clients and our sense of teamwork has been really rewarding.”

Rebekah Shellberg, RN, BSN
Virtual Monitoring Hub nurse


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