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Our experienced team goes beyond technology and service implementation to help our customers define and implement robust virtual care programmes.


Take advantage of our
care-at-home expertise

Drawing on our experience and partnerships with more than 30 NHS organisations, we’ve developed turn-key strategies to aid the creation and scalability of care-at-home programmes, helping to reduce the workload on NHS teams.

Designing a care-at-home programme requires extensive coordination and planning. Our team can show you what has worked well at other organisations. 

Leverage our expertise in designing virtual care programmes through the utilisation of our programme design documents, such as Resource Planning, Clinical Pathway Development and many more.

Our dedicated implementation team will work with you to define and execute your implementation requirements, helping you to manage the goals and questions of your stakeholders.

We’ll collaborate with your team to understand your organisation’s priorities and execute proven change management strategies across your stakeholders.

We understand the importance of empowering patients, care givers and healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to utilise our platform effectively.

Our programme of face-to-face, virtual, and online training encompasses easy-to-read instructions on device usage, data interpretation, and platform navigation.

Meet our clinical team

Leverage our
in-house experts

Explore how Current Health specialises in programme design and implementation, offers expert-led training and ongoing support, and ensures efficient 24/7 patient management for various clinical conditions.

To ensure the smooth running of your programme, a specialist team will be designated to ensure the ongoing success of your service.

This specialist team consisting of clinical, technical, and service specialists, will ensure all stakeholders receive the necessary support needed to drive success.

Effective communication and marketing of your care-at-home programme is essential to ensure its success.

We will work with you to build your communication plan and collaborate to deliver effective communication across your stakeholders.

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“Current Health’s personal visits to our hospital demonstrated their genuine commitment to understanding our specific needs. They took the time to assess our workflows, gather feedback, and make adjustments to ensure optimal performance.”
Karl Guttormsen, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

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