Transitional Care

Close the gap between hospital and home

Empower patients to recover at home with transitional care-at-home programmes, promoting early discharge and enabling better planned acute care admissions.


Invest in a scalable enterprise solution for
transitional care at home.

monitoring kits

Tailored to individual health needs and conditions, our personalised kits feature a combination of CE marked class IIa continuous and/or intermittent monitoring devices.


Step up and
step down care

Ensure patients always have the right level of support with the ability to adjust the level of care based on the patient’s health status.


Logistics management

Ensure all equipment is available when it’s needed with the power of Best Buy’s supply chain management and our UK-based delivery service.

Partner spotlight

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

Penny Taylor, Hospital at Home Lead Nurse

Penny shares how remote patient monitoring is helping to expedite patient discharge at Dartford.

Hear how this technology empowers her team to provide essential interventions, including intravenous antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and nebuliser therapy, within the comfort of patients’ homes.

Clinical research

Leverage the expertise of our clinical research team to demonstrate value and optimise the performance of your care-at-home programme.


Clinical coordination
and support

Our Virtual Monitoring Hub team can help monitor data, respond to alarms and act as a first line triage, helping to reduce the alarm burden for your team and extend your team’s capacity.


Drive results that matter


Prevent avoidable
hospital readmissions


Support timely
patient discharge


Improve acute
bed availability


independent living


Improve patient
quality of life


Enable faster
patient recovery

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