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Clinicians’ Perspectives on Care at Home

As healthcare organizations cope with rising costs and razor-thin operating margins while navigating the shift toward more consumer-driven care, it’s no surprise that delivering more care within the home has found its way into strategic plans. 

Clinicians’ perspectives and expectations about these new care delivery models, however, have often been overlooked.  

But with continued pressure on staffing—a complex challenge that estimates indicate will persist for years to come—executive leaders can’t afford to disregard the hopes and expectations clinicians have for the future of care delivery.  

Not only do staffing shortages pose a risk to access to care, patient safety, and hospital capacity, but in 2022 alone, hospitals spent $1.3 billion more in temporary and replacement staffing than they did pre-pandemic. 

Care at home is undoubtedly an investment of time and resources that decision-makers must consider before beginning. Yet these new models are becoming attractive for their potential to advance more consumer-friendly and accessible care as well as offer clinicians different types of care delivery experiences.  

To help healthcare leaders gain a better understanding of where clinicians think care-at-home programs are headed and what they need from the organizations they serve, Current Health conducted an independent survey of 116 clinicians in varying types of roles in June 2023. These are key findings from that survey. 

October 17, 2023