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Current Health Broadens Care-at-Home Platform to Support Full Range of Chronic Conditions

BOSTON–(originally published on BUSINESS WIRE)–Current Health today announced new platform features that deepen its support for chronic care management, enabling healthcare organizations to manage care for all healthcare consumers – regardless of clinical condition or acuity level – within a single platform.

Today, over half of the US population lives with at least one chronic condition and nearly 30% have multiple chronic conditions. By guiding these healthcare consumers to better manage their health through care plan adherence and behavior changes, healthcare organizations can help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and dramatically reduce healthcare costs. However, chronic care management requires healthcare organizations to deliver highly personalized care given the complexity of chronic conditions – a task that is not easily achieved at scale.

“Individuals are not defined by a single disease, device, or treatment model; healthcare organizations need flexibility to support them as individuals, across their healthcare journey,” says Chris McCann, CEO and Co-Founder of Current Health. “At the same time, these organizations – which are being faced with an aging population and shrinking workforces – need support managing care at scale. This is why we’ve built an interoperable platform that is device and service agnostic. This approach allows healthcare organizations to create tailored care plans that can scale to meet the unique needs of individuals with chronic conditions and beyond.”

New features to the Current Health platform support the full spectrum of clinical condition and acuity levels. They include:

  • A larger ecosystem of integrated third-party devices. From within the clinical dashboard, Current Health customers can now select which devices are needed to manage any chronic condition including hypertension, asthma, COPD, CHF, and diabetes. The ability to tailor a care plan within the platform allows care teams to easily manage comorbidities and scale monitoring up or down depending on the acuity level.
  • A single platform across all populations. Care teams gain a single platform to view all individuals enrolled in care-at-home programs, across conditions and acuity. This unified view allows for operational efficiency as well as the ability to follow an individual across their health journeys. By streamlining programs within a single solution, organizations also have access to rich population health data that can help them identify the right intervention for the right person at the right time.
  • New communication tools that meet consumers where they are. To help with adherence to care plans, healthcare organizations can design unique care pathways for each individual that include automated nudges, daily surveys, and messaging, all which can be accessed from a smartphone or smart device.
March 08, 2022