Remote patient monitoring

Capture the broadest picture of health

Our ecosystem of trusted devices enables configurable RPM and personalized care for each patient.


Monitor and manage patient health with our configurable approach to RPM

Our platform offers flexible remote patient monitoring with a variety of integrated devices.

Continuous vital sign monitoring

Deliver acute care-at-home safely with FDA-cleared continuous monitoring of 5 vital signs through our comfortable, proprietary wearable.


Intermittent vital sign collection

Our trusted ecosystem of connected devices enables care teams to easily tailor monitoring based on the clinical condition and comorbidities of each individual patient.


Deliver a patient-centric RPM experience

Kit components arrive to the patient pre-configured for an easy, out-of-the-box setup.

Fill in the gaps from monitoring devices through customized prompts for each clinical pathway.

We can handle welcome calls and technology troubleshooting to ensure each patient has a smooth experience.


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Get a robust and flexible solution
to support care-at-home expansion

Combine easy-to-use technology, personalized clinical pathways, and multichannel support to deliver a seamless care-at-home experience.


Condition-specific patient experience

Each patient kit can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs and offers the option for patients to bring their own devices.


Home connectivity

We can provide connectivity to homes where it’s needed, through our proprietary Home Hub.


Simple onboarding

Kits arrive to the patient pre-configured and ready for the patient to use and include step-by-step guides and visual instructions to introduce the patient to their program.


Clinical insights

Easily share continuous, intermittent, and self-reported vitals data with the care team or referring provider.


Accessible experience

Adapt the patient experience to over 30 languages and supports the patient’s with guides and visual cues to introduce the patient to their program.


Real-time support

Patients can access on-demand support with a one-click, “I need help” button to immediately notify the care team—or our Clinical Command Center.

Baptist Health

“Like a lot of systems, we’re limited in our resources in IT. So, when we were finding a solution, I wanted something that we could use in a lot of different clinical scenarios, across urban and rural areas, and with many different patient populations.”

Brett Oliver, MD

Current Health and UMass

Take a more human approach to care, with Hospital at Home

UMass Memorial’s collaboration with Current Health seamlessly incorporates technology into its Hospital at Home model, elevating the standard of care provided.

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