Transitional Care

Close the gap between the hospital and home

Discharge patients home sooner with a partner who can support transitions at scale.

Here’s how we make transitional care-at-home possible

The Current Health solution provides a
comprehensive ecosystem of technology and support

monitoring kits

We provide personalized kits with continuous and intermittent monitoring devices based on the patient’s specific health needs and conditions.


Configurable journeys
for each step of care

Ensure patients always have the right level of support with the ability to adjust the degree of care based on the patient’s current health status through our Clinical Command Center.


Best Buy logistics management

Ensure equipment is always available when it’s needed with the power of Best Buy’s end-to-end supply chain management.


Driving results that matter

0 %

Readmission rate


12 %

Reduction in LOS

US Military
Health System


Bed days saved

UMass Memorial

97 %

Patient adherence

Health Agency

Geek Squad
in-home setup

Best Buy’s Geek Squad professionals ensure that the technology functions properly, supporting accurate monitoring and reliable connection between providers and patients.


Clinical coordination
and support

Our Clinical Command Center team monitors data, responds to alarms, and acts as a first line of defense for triage and reducing alarm burden for your staff.


Partner spotlight

Eve Dorfman, VP of Operations at NYU Langone

Hear how Current Health’s solutions for monitoring and interacting with patients at home perfectly align with NYU Langone Health’s needs and values.

A patient journey with transitional care-at-home

Day One


Enroll patients from a clinic, ED, or after a telehealth encounter.

Cynthia, a 65-year-old patient with COPD, experienced a moderate exacerbation during winter weather.

Her provider enrolls her in the Current Health platform for a 14-day care at home period.

Day Two


Geek Squad ensures a smooth transition home.

Specialty trained Geek Squad agents arrive to Cynthia’s doorstep with a custom kit configured to her condition, including the Current Health wearable and a spirometer.

They set up all the equipment and ensure she knows how to use everything.

Day Two


Customize pathway prompts for a population or individual.

Cynthia starts her day with a prompt to submit a spirometry reading via the MIR Spirometer and to compete a brief symptom assessment via the Current Health app.

Her physician can see Cynthia’s readings and self-reported symptoms through the dashboard.

Day Three


Geek Squad provides ongoing in-home tech support.

Cynthia accidentally damages her wearable device. She reaches out to the 24/7 tech support through her app.

A Geek Squad agent is dispatched to her house to replace the device and ensure the new device is set up correctly.

Day Four


Recommended alarm thresholds are based on extensive data collection.

Cynthia develops a cough and shortness of breath. The Current Health continuous monitoring device detects her decreased oxygen saturation and triggers an alarm.

Her care team messages her to check in. Her provider orders a sputum sample collection, a steroid, and an antibiotic, all through the Current Health platform.

Day Five


Patients can connect with their care team at any time.

Cynthia continues completing her daily spirometry readings and symptom reports.

She has a telehealth call with her physician every few days until her symptoms are under control.

Day Fifteen


Geek Squad makes discharge a breeze with end-to-end logistics management.

A Geek Squad agent arrives to collect all Cynthia’s equipment and ships it to Geek Squad City, Best Buy’s central logistics hub.

The kit is fully cleaned and reprocessed, ready to help another patient to go home early from the hospital.

Mount Sinai

“Everything from the vital signs collected, patient education modules and clinical alarm configurations can be tailored to a specific clinical use case, allowing for a single, enterprise solution to provide remote care.”

Dr. Cardinale Smith
Chief Quality Officer, Oncology

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