Chronic Care

Empower patients to better manage chronic conditions

Scale chronic care-at-home with a partner who understands consumers.

Here’s how we help make chronic care-at-home possible

Current Health meets patients where they are
with personalized technology and services

Patient monitoring

Access a broad range of user-friendly remote monitoring devices to develop programs for a range of clinical use cases.

Manage population health through a single, intuitive clinical dashboard that enables customizable care plans and streamlined comorbidity management, all integrated with your EHR.


Patient engagement

Deliver automated messaging and nudges to empower patients to manage their conditions, all from a single, digitally inclusive app.


Drive results that matter

94 %

Survival among CHF patients at 90 days


19 %

Reduction in readmission rate



Bed days saved

Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh
NHS Foundation Trust


Patient NPS


Configurable pathways
and alarms

Connect with the right patient, at the right time through customizable pathways, tailored alarms, and risk stratification algorithms.


Best Buy logistics and
Geek Squad

Get timely and accurate delivery, maintenance, collection, and cleaning of remote monitoring devices to patients’ homes with Best Buy Health’s world-class supply chain.

Our Geek Squad agents can deliver sensitive, HIPAA-compliant in-home, virtual, and in-store tech support. 


A patient’s journey with chronic care

Day One


Identify patients in need of intervention.

Roger, a 55 year old hypertension patient, sees his physician for his regular checkup.

His blood pressure is higher than average, so his physician refers him to a 30-day Current Health pathway to monitor and control his blood pressure.

Day One


Setup is easy through the patient-friendly mobile app.

Roger only needs the Current Health app on his phone and a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff.

He downloads the app in the office, receives a quick tutorial, and takes the blood pressure cuff home with him.

Day Two


Receive ongoing insights into patients’ vitals.

For the next four weeks, Roger completes a weekly blood pressure reading, which is visible to his physician directly in the EHR, Epic.

Each day, Roger is prompted to log his exercise and report any symptoms via assessments on the Current Health app.

Day Ten


Physicians are alerted of data indicating risk.

Roger’s physician is alerted that the last few readings were too high and decides to make an adjustment to his medication.

Alerts and data insights are available directly in Epic.

Day Twenty


Scale care up or down as necessary.

Roger has a telehealth video call with his physician through the Current Health app to discuss his new medication.

He’s feeling better, but they decide to keep Roger in the clinical pathway for another ten days to watch for side effects and collect additional blood pressure readings.

Day Thirty


Geek Squad is dispatched for device collection.

With his hypertension better controlled, Roger is discharged from the Current Health platform.

Geek Squad agents are notified and collect his blood pressure cuff from his house, clean all equipment, and return it to his physician’s office.

Case study

Baptist Health

By integrating Current Health’s platform, Baptist have revolutionized its approach to remote care,
resulting in reduced readmissions and improved clinical outcomes for CHF patients.

Why partner
with us?

Why partner
with us?

With Current Health we can safely send home congestive heart failure patients who would normally be admitted to the hospital.

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Paul Crockett
Paul Crockett
Vice President for Home Care
Baptist Health
Why partner
with us?

Through the Current Health platform, we’re able to track the clinical data points that are relevant for each patient.

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Beth Wharton
Beth Wharton
Manager of Virtual Care Operations
OSF OnCall, OSF Healthcare
Why partner
with us?

A traditional cardiac telehealth system would not have given us the info that we needed to detect this patient’s deteriorating condition.

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Tammy Sullivan
Tammy Sullivan
Director for Home Care
Baptist Health

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