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OSF HealthCare Empowers Patients with Digital Advancements

Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, OSF HealthCare operates 15 hospitals, including 10 acute care and five critical access facilities, boasting 2,084 licensed beds, and supported by 24,000 dedicated Mission Partners across 150 locations. Recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the most innovative companies in the nation, OSF HealthCare’s relentless pursuit of cutting-edge advancements is making significant waves in the healthcare industry. Spearheading this transformative digital revolution is Roopa Foulger, the visionary Vice President of Digital Innovation Development. Under her leadership, OSF HealthCare is successfully executing its comprehensive digital transformation strategy, which prioritizes three essential tenets: reducing physician burnout, expanding access to care in underserved communities, and elevating patient outcomes and care quality.

“These data points help us: classify the problems; match expertise with clinical availability; plan diagnostics and therapy for the patients; and also provide support for our clinicians at the point of care,”

Roopa Foulger, Vice President of Digital Innovation Development at OSF HealthCare

In this exclusive report, Roopa Foulger delves into OSF HealthCare’s digital-first strategy and the remarkable progress her team has achieved. She sheds light on the genesis of OSF’s partnership with Current Health, unveiling the key factors behind our successful collaboration. Discover the clinical use cases where our remote patient monitoring platform is being leveraged, alongside other innovative tools that are proving instrumental in transforming patient care.

Download the report now to explore:

  1. OSF’s groundbreaking texting-based communication platform, driving an astounding 520% increase in patient adoption during the pandemic, surpassing traditional means.
  2. The strategic deployment of remote patient monitoring programs to proactively address the unique needs of underserved communities, particularly in rural areas.
  3. OSF’s innovative use of real-time patient data, empowering intelligent intervention, informed decision-making, and enhancing AI models for better patient outcomes and superior care quality.

July 24, 2023