clinical dashboard & alerts

Access a unified window into patient health at home

Our clinical dashboard helps care teams know when a patient needs attention, helping them manage large populations at home through prioritization & treatment optimization.


A clinical dashboard that identifies risk
& improves care delivery

Our clinical dashboard combines data from multiple source with configurable algorithm-driven alarms to help identify risk earlier


Device agnostic approach

In addition to our own continuous wearable, we integrate with a large ecosystem of devices based on unique patient need


Unified data stream

Our applied algorithms look at data across multiple sources to provide actionable insights and minimize alarm burden


Single dashboard for all patients

We’ve build a highly-configurable and user-friendly interface that allows your team to look across all populations managed at home

Patients are stratified by risk with configurable alarm routing to help with prioritization and triage

Condition-specific clinical algorithms can be easily updated at the individual or patient level

Team members can easily log and share notes on specific patients or alarms to improve collaboration


Configurable alarms tailored to each patients’ needs

Highly-specific, yet configurable alarms allow your team to identify deterioration while minimizing alarm burden.

Mean value displayed in 15 minute increments
Continuous data from Current Health wearable
Non-continuous data from device partners
Patient demographics, reported symptoms, and care team notes
Alarms configurable at population or individual level
Visual indicator of missing data
Recommended Resource

Quick Guide to Monitoring Patient Data and Building Meaningful Alarms


Seamless integration with your system of record

We integrate with leading EHR, EDW, and CRM systems to simplify your workflows and create a whole picture of patient health

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    Deep Integrations

    Integrations via HL7, FHIR, or Redox

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    Seamless information sharing

    Pull patient demographics or push vitals and alarms into your source of truth

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    Flexibility based on workflows

    Access data within the Current Health dashboard or within your native system


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