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Video: What is it like to be a Hospital at Home patient?

Hospital at Home programs are becoming increasingly popular across the U.S. They deliver improved clinical outcomes, lower costs, and extend hospital capacity.

But how do patients describe this experience? And what’s important to them about that care model?

Meet Thad and Mary. When Thad developed complications due to COVID-19, he was nervous about being one of the first patients in the Hospital at Home program at UMass Memorial Health. But he was even more concerned about having to stay in the hospital and away from his wife, Mary.

Listen to Thad explain how the Hospital at Home team at UMass, with the help of Current Health, took excellent care of him from the comfort of his own home.

The Defining Elements of Thad’s Care Experience

  • The compassionate and dedicated in-home attention of the Hospital at Home team made him feel like their only patient.
  • The security of 24/7 continuous vitals monitoring gave him peace of mind.
  • He knew he could contact his care team at any time with just one button on the tablet.
  • In-home support for setting the monitoring equipment helped him get settled.
  • The Command Center’s quick response to his vitals reading or survey questions let him know he was taken care of.

Learn more about how the Hospital at Home team at UMass Memorial ensures they can treat any patient who might benefit.

May 12, 2022