remote patient monitoring

Capture the broadest picture of health

Our device agnostic approach allows you to provide best-in-class care across all patient populations.


Continuous vital sign monitoring

Our FDA-cleared wireless biosensor continuously and passively captures vital signs with the same accuracy of an ICU-monitor, providing hospital-grade monitoring at home for higher acuity patients.


Integrations with best-in-class 3rd party devices & wearables

Our device agnostic approach allows organizations to tailor their clinical program based on the clinical condition and patient need.

  • Num-1B
    Devices come pre-configured and paired for a seamless patient experience
  • Num-2B
    Care teams have unified insight into all vital signs within a single dashboard
  • Num-3B
    Open ecosystem allows you to tailor program to the individual patient

Patient-reported outcomes

Gain a holistic picture of patient health with the ability to gather real-time symptom and activity data from patients directly.

  • Engage-B
    Logic driven questionnaires
  • Notification-D
    Visible alongside patient vital signs
  • Personal-C
    Customize for each clinical use case

Seamless patient experience

We’ve built our platform to be accessible and easy to use for all patients.

We can provide in-home connectivity and a tablet for patients as needed to provide equitable access for all.

Each patient kit can be configured based on their individual need, including ability for patients to bring their own device (BYOD).

Everything arrives pre-configured and ready for the patient to use. Our app walks patients through the simple process, available in 30+ languages.

The combination of easy-to-use technology, tailored clinical pathways, and multichannel support means that 90% adherence is standard for our patients.

We provide 24/7 multilingual support with a typical response time under 5 minutes.


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