Baptist Health Case Study

Case Study

Care-at-home program keeps high-risk heart failure patients out of the hospital.

How Baptist Health improved clinical outcomes and delivered an excellent patient experience.


At a glance: Baptist Health

Baptist Health, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is the largest non-for-profit health system in the state.

Baptist Health operates nine hospitals and a broad network of physician practices, urgent care clinics, and outpatient facilities across Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee.

Baptist Health’s Home Care team works with chronically-ill or post-acute patients to deliver care at home.



High rates of heart failure in the area

11.4% of Medicare population in KY has CHF


Low connectivity and tech literacy

Many patients are in rural and semi-rural settings, and face some challenges with digital technology


Deliver personalized CHF care

New heart failure clinics needed to lower costs and improve outcomes for CHF patients


Support home care team

Home care needed to manage high-risk patients during Covid-19 surges


Baptist Health needed a care-at-home solution that could provide significant support as they established their program, easily adapt to different clinical use cases, and scale across the enterprise as they matured.
  • Daytime vitals monitoring with night time alarms for high-risk patients
  • Lower-risk patients submit daily blood pressure and weight readings
  • Telehealth visits as needed through the app
  • Clinical Command Center helped establish program with patient engagement and triage support for the home care team
  • Data and workflows integrated with Epic EHR

“Like a lot of systems, we’re limited in our resources in IT. So, when we were finding a solution, I wanted something that we could use in a lot of different clinical scenarios, across urban and rural areas, and with many different patient populations.”

Brett Oliver CMIO, Baptist Health



Baptist_CS_1 – 3

650+ Total patients enrolled across use cases

Launching their care-at-home program just weeks before the first Covid-19 surge, Baptist Health was able to accommodate the sudden demand for care. Then refocused to innovate experiences for CHF and COPD patients.

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0% Readmission rate for CHF at 30, 60, and 90 days

An adaptable approach to patient monitoring and patient engagement tools allows care teams to identify exacerbations earlier, and prevent hospitalization—a significant accomplishment compared to the expected 18% readmission rate. After 180 days, the readmission rate was still only 2.4%.

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94% survival among CHF patients at 90 days

Compared to 82% national average, the heart failure patients who participated in the care-at-home program were more likely to survive 90 days after an admission or outpatient IV diuretics for ADHF.

Patient Experience

How Jenny got her life back after a heart failure diagnosis
“We know you do better at home. Changing care models, lower costs, and patient satisfaction—that’s going to allow us to do more things from home in a safe, high quality, effective way. Why would we not be excited about that?”

Brett Oliver, CMIO, Baptist Health