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The Geek Squad Effect

Geisinger, a Pennsylvania-based integrated health system with over a century of dedication to community healthcare, consistently ranks among the nation’s top five most innovative health systems.

Since 2021, Geisinger has been delivering in-home care through Best Buy Health’s remote patient monitoring platform, Current Health. This technology, though invaluable, can be intimidating for some patients, affecting their ability to adhere to home-based care plans. Recognizing this challenge, Geisinger enlisted the expertise of Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

“Working with Best Buy Health has allowed us to redefine the care experience and drive positive change in how care is provided and received.”

Karen Murphy, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer and founding Director of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation at Geisinger

A specially trained team of Geek Squad agents was deployed in August 2022. Their role extended beyond supporting care home plan adherence through device education; they were instrumental in ensuring timely access to care. By establishing a reliable mechanism for delivering the necessary devices and technology to patients, monitoring could commence much earlier. This expedited process comes at a critical juncture in the patient’s care journey as they are typically very vulnerable when initially identified for the program, so timing matters.

Download our comprehensive case study to gain insights into:

  • Geisinger’s chronic condition management program and their objectives for the collaboration with Best Buy’s Geek Squad
  • The impact of the Geek Squad on patient experience, care plan adherence, and provider burden.
  • How the Geek Squad service is adapted to support healthcare providers.
September 25, 2023